questions and answers

How does Revu work?

Move your smartphone to the white dot on your photo frame. If you have activated NFC on your smartphone, the app store will open and you can install the app.

After you have installed the app, you can move your smartphone to the white dot on your frame again. Now the app opens and you can start uploading images.

What do I need for the frame?

To open the image gallery on your smartphone, you need an NFC-enabled smartphone.

Does my smartphone have NFC?

All Android smartphones that have come onto the market with version 4.0 or higher can theoretically use NFC. You can find out whether a corresponding chip is installed in the technical data of the smartphone. At Apple, all smartphones since the iPhone 6 have been equipped with an NFC chip.

What bothers NFC?

Protective cases or metal objects can interfere with NFC on cell phones. If there are problems with payment or ID verification, make sure to remove these sources of interference.

Where are the images stored?

The images are stored on our cloud.

Can I also load videos onto the frame?

Yes! Both images and videos can be uploaded.

How long does the delivery take?

Our frames are currently still made to order. Production takes 2 working weeks, delivery 2 - 3 days.

How do I connect my frame to another?

When ordering, indicate in the comment field whether you want to connect two or more frames together.

Are there other colors too?

We can also paint special colors for larger orders.

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